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The Owners' and Residents' Association of Lake Bernard

About the Association

The Owners’ and Residents’ Association of Lake Bernard is a non-profit corporation created under Part 3 of the Quebec Companies Act. It was incorporated in 1979 as a successor to the Lac Bernard Cottager’s Association, and has an average annual membership of about 250-300 property owners.

2017 fall meeting
2017 Fall Meeting

The Association holds the title to the lakeshore property at 56 Chemin de la Baie Regatta (the site of the regatta) and to the Clubhouse property at 30 Chemin Christopher. The clubhouse property has a small Clubhouse and a right-of-way to the lake.

Regatta site   Clubhouse
Regatta Site

The Association is made up of a team of volunteers who fight for the quality of the environment, safety and security around the lake to keep Lake Bernard in a state that can be enjoyed by present and future generations. The volunteers:

  • advocate on behalf of the lake community with the municipalities of La Pêche and Low and the provincial government
  • operate – the bilingual Association website that provides an enormous amount of information including all of the meeting reports, water quality monitoring, news – and more
  • place navigation buoys around the lake where there are rocks
  • monitor water quality monthly and along one-quarter of the lake’s shoreline each year
  • operate a network of Bay Captains who keep tabs on the water in their bays
  • try to control the spread of invasive species like Eurasian Milfoil
  • work with residents on issues of unauthorized access through private land
  • organize special events like shoreline workshops
  • organize an annual Association Day – a regatta with benefits!
  • make a map of the lake available to all members
  • sell great logo items – hats, mugs, shirts for babies, kids and grown-ups, aprons – and more as well as aerial photos of the bays around the lake.
  • operate an email listserv to share information, sell stuff, send alerts - see the about listserv page.

The Association has a board of 14 directors, elected at the fall annual general meeting (AGM). The board of directors meets about 5 times a year. The 14 Directors elect four officers of the Corporation, a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer at its first meeting following the annual general meeting of the membership. The formal annual general meeting (ie the business meeting of the Association where reports are tabled and elections are held) is held in the Fall of each year while a less formal information meeting is held in the Spring.

The Association is always in search of new ideas as well as new people to keep the Association and the Executive fresh and vital. Make a difference by joining a committee, getting involved in your lake community, and meeting your neighbours. Contact us and we’ll get you plugged in.


Weather Report

Want to know what kind of weather to expect at the lake? Click here to go to the nearest weather station.



2019 fall meeting / November 6, 7 p.m. / Centre Wakefield La Pêche. Agenda at the documents page.



The summer newsletter for 2019 is now available in the news section of our website.


Members Only


The 2018 membership roster is now available to association members.


Social Activities

Wondering what to do this summer at Lake Bernard? Check out the 2019 Calendar of Summer activities!



The online membership survey is now closed and we thank everyone for their responses. In total, we have received 118 responses. Your feedback and ideas will help us map activities for the coming summer. To view the summary findings, please follow this link:
Survey (


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