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Committees and Leads

This page identifies the individuals who are responsible for a function or an ongoing activity or initiative that supports the objectives of the Association and contributes to the strength and vitality of the lake community. As leads they may work on their own or be supported by volunteers from the community.


John McDonald

Lead: John McDonald (

Boating and Water Sports

Chris Ault

Lead: Chris Ault (


Francine Filion

Lead: Francine Filion (,


Paul Saunders

Lead: Paul Saunders (

Golf Day

Paul Rodier

Lead: Paul Rodier (

Stepping down, but inviting an association member to replace him.

History and Clubhouse

Gaye Moffat

Lead: Gaye Moffat (,


Steve Kulba

Lead: Steve Kulba


Christine McClelland

Lead: Christine McClelland (


Carrie Ault Chris Ault

Leads: Carrie Ault & Chris Ault


Rick Soderstrom

Lead: Rick Soderstrom (


Sue Timmins

Lead: Sue Timmins (,

Web Site

Paul Hays

Lead: Paul Hays (

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