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Archived Documents

Fall meeting Agenda Notice of fall meeting - November 6th 2019 (docx, 81 KB)
Spring AGM Minutes 2019 Spring AGM Minutes (pdf, 187 KB)
  Agenda NOTICE OF 2019 SPRING MEETING (pdf, 59 KB)
Membership Membership Registration Form MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE D'ADHÉSION 2019.doc (98 KB)
Fall meeting Minutes 2018 Minutes (pdf, 118 KB)
Agenda Notice of fall meeting - November 7th 2018 (docx, 81 KB)
Summer President's Message LacBernard Presidents Letter 2018 FINAL June 2018 (docx, 269 KB)
Spring AGM Minutes 2018 Spring AGM Minutes (pdf, 147 KB)
Membership Membership Registration Form MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE D'ADHÉSION 2018.doc (96 KB)
Fall AGM Minutes 2017 AGM Minutes (pdf, 104 KB)
Agenda Agenda for AGM November 1st 2017 (docx, 80 KB)
Summer President's Message Lac Bernard Presidents Letter 2017 draft (docx, 54 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes Spring Meeting Minutes May 3, 2017 (docx, 75 KB)
Agenda NOTICE OF 2017 SPRING MEETING (docx, 76 KB)
Fall AGM Minutes Minutes for AGM November 2nd 2016 (docx, 417 KB)
Agenda Agenda for AGM November 2nd 2016 (docx, 18 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes Spring Meeting Minutes 2016.docx (docx, 44 KB)
Membership Membership Registration Form 2016 MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE D'ADHÉSION 2016.doc (99 KB)
Summer President's Message Lac Bernard Presidents Letter 2016 final.pdf (116 KB)
Spring Package President's Message President's Message 2015.docx (181 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes 2015SpringMeetingMinutesDraft.pdf (132 KB)
Membership Membership Registration Form 2015 MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE DADHESION 2015.pdf (220 KB)
Invasive species Eurasian Milfoil Milfoil Info Sheet July 17SD.pdf (637 KB)

Fall AGM Minutes 2014AGMMinutesDraft.pdf (132 KB)
Spring Package President's Message president's message 2014 bilingual.doc (211 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes MinutesforSpringMeeting2014Final.pdf (359 KB)
Membership Greetings Letter 2014 GREETINGS LETTER 2014.doc (64 KB)
  Membership Registration Form 2014 MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE DADHESION 2014.doc (339 KB)

Fall AGM Minutes AGMNov62013Final bilingu.doc (204 KB)
Summer President's Message Presidents message 2013.doc (193 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes Association Spring Meeting Minutes 2013.doc (182 KB)
Membership Greetings Letter 2013 GREETINGS LETTER 2013.docx (54 KB)
  Membership Registration Form 2013 MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE DADHESION 2013.doc (336 KB)
  Benefits of Membership 2013 BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP AVANTAGES DE LADHESION 2013.doc (194 KB)
  How to use PayPal 2013 How to Use PayPal Comment a utiliser PayPal 2013.doc (184 KB)


Fall AGM Minutes 2012-AGM_Minutes.doc (97 KB)
  Financials 2012-FinancialStatements.pdf (44 KB)
  Membership Committee Report 2012-Membership Committee Report.docx (261 KB)
  Committee reports 2012-CommitteeReports.doc (51 KB)
  History and Archives Committee reports 2012-History and Archives Committee reports.doc (169 KB)
  History invitation form 2012-History invitation form.docx (274 KB)
  Shoreline Report 2012-ShorelineReport.doc (8,910 KB)
Summer President's Message 2012-PresidentMessage_E.doc (210 KB)
  2012 Environment Action Plan 2012-EnvActionPlan.doc (188 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes 2012-SpringMeetingMinutes_E.doc (190 KB)
  Call for Proposals: Snapshot of the Lake Bernard Shoreline ShorelineProposal_E.pdf (116 KB)
  Clubhouse Proposal 2012-ClubhouseProposal_E.doc (180 KB)
Spring Package Membership Registration Form 2012 MEMBERSHIP FORM FORMULE D_ADHESION.doc (338 KB)


Fall AGM Agenda 2011.11-AGM_AGA-agenda.doc (171 KB)
  Minutes AGM Minutes 2011.pdf (166 KB)
  Financials 2011.09.30-Financials.pdf (37 KB)
  Budget Lac bernard Budget 2011.pdf (35 KB)
  Membership Committee Report Membership Committee Report 2011.pdf (205 KB)
  Nominations Committee Report Nominations Committee Report 2011.pdf (113 KB)
  Regatta Committee Report (financials) Regatta 2011 - Financial Update.pdf (20 KB)
  Web Committee Report Towards an Enhanced Association Web Site.pdf (93 KB)
  Clubhouse Committee Report 2011 Summer Clubhouse Report.pdf (178 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes 2010.05.10-Minutes.doc (73 KB)
Spring Package Message from the President 2011-Message-from-president_Message-du-presidente.doc (67 KB)
  Notice of spring meeting 2011-AGENDA_AVIS-DE-REUNION.doc (322 KB)
  Membership Registration Form 2011-MEMBERSHIP-FORM_FORMULE-DADHESION.doc (325 KB)
  How to use PayPal 2011-How-to-Use-PayPal_Comment-a-utiliser-PayPal.doc (326 KB)


Fall AGM Minutes 2010.11.04-AGM_Minutes.doc (58 KB)
  Notice of Meeting & Agenda 2010.11.04-AGM-Notice_Agenda.doc (21 KB)
Spring Meeting Minutes 2010.05.10-Minutes.doc (58 KB)
Spring Package Message from the membership desk 2010-MembershipMessage.doc (180 KB)
  Benefits of Membership 2010-BenefitsMembership_BL.doc (90 KB)
  Membership Registration Form 2010-MembershipForm_BL.doc (325 KB)

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