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Eco-friendly products

There are many products on the market that are GREEN and can be used at the cottage. Below are just some examples of products that are widely available.

Tips: eco-friendly


  • Look for the BIODEGRADABLE symbol
  • Look for products that say PHOSPHATE FREE
  • Look for products that say ALL NATURAL, ECO, GREEN and CHEMICAL FREE!
  • These products are widely available – Bulk Barn, Loblaws, Loeb, Shoppers Drug Mart, Natural Food Stores (Listed below)


eco-friendly For your dishes: All liquid detergents are phosphate free.

Dishwashers: ALL REGULAR DISHWASHING DETERGENTS HAVE PHOSPHATES. It is important to look for phosphate free detergents.

Below are some of the most widely available products:

  • Simply Clean Dish Aid       
  • Nature Clean - Natural Dishwasher Powder
  • Seventh Generation Dishwashing Powder and liquid

eco-friendly eco-friendly eco-friendly


For your clothesFor your clothes: Many laundry detergents advertise as phosphate free.

The following detergents are phosphate free and biodegradable:

eco-friendly eco-friendly eco-friendly eco-friendly
Simply Clean Nature Clean Seventh Generation Products Shoppers Drug Mart – Method Brand






eco-friendly For your body: All bar and liquid soaps and body washes are phosphate free. However, many contain other chemicals that are harmful to the lake. Using a natural, biodegradable soap at the cottage is highly recommended.

Some widely available ones are:


  • Dr. Bronner's Soaps (This liquid soap is good for everything…hair and body…available at Arbour on Bank St. and at natural food stores)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart – Method soap – hand and body soaps
  • Nature Clean soaps and shampoos (Available at Loblaws in the Organics aisle and at most natural food stores)

eco-friendly eco-friendly eco-friendly

eco-friendly For the house: Many household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals, including phosphates. These chemicals are harmful to the health of the lake.

Cleaner alternatives are:

  • Nature Clean household cleaning products
  • Simply Clean household cleaning products
  • Natures Ultimate Orange Cleaner
  • Dr. Bronner’s Soaps
  • Seventh Generation Products
  • Down East Products

eco-friendly eco-friendly eco-friendly  eco-friendly eco-friendly

A few of the natural food stores that carry a wide selection of Eco-Friendly Products:

La Peche General Store
La Peche General Store (The Outpost)
  • Herb and Spice Shop – 375, rue Bank; 1310, rue Wellington, Ottawa
  • The Wheat Berry (Le Grain de Blé) – 206, rue Main, Ottawa
  • Organics Plus – 304, rue Wilbrod, coin Friel, Ottawa
  • Nature's Care Health Products – 202, rue Bank, Ottawa
  • Arbour – 800, rue Bank, Ottawa
  • Natural Food Pantry - Billings Bridge; 126, rue York; 442, Hazeldean, Kanata; Westgate Mall, Ottawa
  • Kardish Bulk Food & Nutrition Centres – Rue Bank, Ottawa
  • Rainbow Natural Foods – 1487, chemin Richmond, Ottawa
  • Pantry Plus Foods – 2433, boul. Saint-Joseph, Orléans
  • Granny's Natural Food Emporium – 300, chemin Eagleson, Kanata
  • Aliments naturels Sol - 186, av. de la Colline, Gatineau (Aylmer)
  • IYAA Food Store - 46F, avenue Henderson, Ottawa
  • La Boîte à grains – 581, boul. Saint-Joseph, Gatineau (Hull)
  • La Boîte à grains – 325, boul. Greber, Gatineau (Gatineau)
  • La Peche General Store (The Outpost) - 360 des Erables, La Peche, Quebec
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