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Play Drink Fish

We love our lake. We love to play in it, swim in it, catch its fish. We love watching the otters and loons and herons, and hearing the bird song. We love to watch how it changes over the seasons and reflects the mood of the weather. Play Drink Fish is a way of thinking of the lake environment and our place in it. We believe a healthy lake environment has benefits in its own right, and because a healthy environment enhances our ability to enjoy the lake we love.

Lake Bernard, along with most lakes in our region and across North America, has come under stress from our actions and actions outside our control. In particular, invasive species and water quality issues impact the lake’s environment and our enjoyment of it.

Play, drink, fish was the reality of Lake Bernard for 10,000 years of human settlement. 100 years ago, Lake Bernard teemed with lake and speckled trout. The water was clean enough to drink, and we’re fortunate that in many ways it still is.

Can we imagine a 21st Century lake where the lake once again teems with trout and the water is clean enough to drink, while enabling us to enjoy the comforts and (let’s face it), greater options to play than those available 100 years ago?

In addition to the direct benefits to cottagers and residents, we know that a clean healthy lake will:

  • Be more resilient to any threats to the environment or property from storms, high temperatures or other threats
  • Be a leader in our region, to befit our status as one of the best lakes around the Nation’s capital?

If we can imagine it, how do we get there?

Here is what the association does to bring us towards this goal:

Monitor: understand the situation today including current problems and threats and understand the impacts of any positive changes we make.

Manage: invasive weeds and other invasive species through shared best practices for individuals and planning for lake-wide or watershed approaches for major collective efforts

Correct any current threats: Starve the lake of nutrient loads: leaking or out-dated septic systems; lawns or disturbed shorelines too close to the shorelines leading to too much run-off. Ensure the municipalities of Low and La Pêche continue their monitoring and regulation work.

Communicate: Share best practices for shoreline management, weed management and other issues that affect the environment we share and love.

Individual efforts done collectively have a HUGE impact:

  • If each cottage pulled out four wheelbarrows worth of milfoil cuttings near the shoreline, we will have removed about 160,000 pounds of weeds from the lake.
  • If every time a boater grabbed weed cuttings as they went through a dense mat of milfoil, there would be thousands fewer possibilities for the weeds to spread
  • If those cottages who have grass down to the lake, or ground not protected by plants, thousands of pounds of sediment and nutrients would be kept out of the lake.
  • If the remaining cottages (there are very few) corrected their septic issues, we could completely starve the lake of human nutrient loads and bacteria
  • If we clean our boats prior to putting them in the water, and NEVER dump species that don’t belong in the lake (goldfish, crawfish, clams, mussels, carp, aquarium plants and fish, etc.), we could stem the flow of invasive species.

Weather Report

Want to know what kind of weather to expect at the lake? Click here to go to the nearest weather station.

In the dry season please check at SOPFEU before lighting an open fire.


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