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Lake Bernard History Project

Illuminating the Past …

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Frank Rowe, 1955

The history section aims to share the rich and fascinating history of Lake Bernard, in particular about the early settlers that lived around the lake, the Lake Bernard Fishing Club, and of the early cottagers and cottagers' association and clubhouse. The website focuses on the earliest recorded history up until the 1950s.

It is hoped that sharing the historical information we have will encourage others to contribute to our collective history. We aim to build and preserve our lake history and pass it along to future generations.

Join us in building a recorded history of the lake that can endure the test of time and be enjoyed and appreciated both now and into the future.

There are various ways you can contribute.
Written stories, documents and photos can be sent to

Also, if you have early memories of life at the Lake we would love to meet with you to hear them. Gaye Moffet and Jennifer Lahey are recording the reflections and memories of those who have been on the lake for a considerable period of time.

Details concerning how you can help are provided below.


Photos and Documents

Please send us your old photos and any documents you think might contribute to the history of the lake. You can send digital copies in any format as well as hardcopy prints. The prints will be returned after they have been scanned. Photos and documents that meet the criteria below will be included in the history database. As an incentive to dig through your archive, we will photo enhance (colour correction, cropping, lighting levels, etc.) and optimize the file size of photos that have been selected for inclusion in the history database.

Please send your digital photos to or contact John at 819-459-2582 to work out the details for submitting hardcopy prints.

Oral Histories

Gaye Moffett, supported by Jen Lahey, a fellow Lac Bernarder and a journalist, would like to interview property owners and others about their reflections and memories of the lake. Interviews will be conducted in either English or French using interviewers who are proficient in either or both languages. Priority will be given to those who have been on the lake for an extended period of time. The interview will be recorded on a digital micro recorder and last approximately 1 hour. In order to conduct the interviews we need to know who to interview.

Please get in touch with Gaye to either volunteer for an interview or to advise her of those she should be contacting. You can reach Gaye at or by phone at: 819-459-1431

Your History and Archives Committee
Alison Jones
Jen Lahey
John McDonald
Gaye Moffett
Charles Topp





Several years before her death in 2009, Susan Moir wrote about her many memories of Lac Bernard in handwritten form. Her husband Bryce thought that they might be an interesting read for many people on the lake and converted her notes into a pdf document. Here they are: suecottage2.pdf


Did you know getting to the cottage in the early days involved a street car, then a train and finally a ride in a farmer's wagon? To learn more, read the story of Gil Doane's discovering Lake Bernard for the first time in 1919.


Do you know the names of the early settler families around the Lake? Learn more about the McClellands, Mitchells, Woods and other pioneer families.


Before there was electricity at the lake cottagers used to get together at the Clubhouse for dances and bingos and other social activity. Learn about the building of the clubhouse with the land, money and labour contibuted by the community.

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