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Website Charter

Prepared by 
Web Site Committee

February 2007
Updated October 2009

The purpose of this Charter is to describe the Lac Bernard web site and how it is maintained. The Charter also documents important decisions concerning policy issues, such as the privacy of individuals interacting with the site, the translation of documents posted to the web, and access by non-members.

This is an “evergreen” document in that some segments will be updated as required.

1.  Site Name

The official name appearing on the home page is “Owners and Residents Association of Lac Bernard” / “L'Association des propriétaires et résidents du lac Bernard.”

2.  Domain Names

The domain name is The Association has secured this name and will cover the costs of maintaining it on behalf of the membership.

3.  Purpose of the Web Site

The objectives of the site are as follows:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information among Association members.
  • To promote membership in the Association.

The first objective is directed to the primary audience of the site: the cottage and property owners. The second objective is directed to non-members. Although part of the website can be accessed by non-members, the ‘look and feel’ of the home page and the link to the membership form are designed to encourage non-members into joining the Association.

4.  Layout of the Web Site

The first page shows one button labeled “English” and one labeled “French.” The user clicks either button to access the home page in their choice of language. The home page shows the main menu (with sub-topics under each menu item) and a log-in window. The log-in window contains an invitation to non-members to join the Association and a link to the “membership” page, which gives instructions on how to become a member of the Association.

Users can access all of the services and content on the site except the ‘Members Only’ section which requires a username and password.

The layout of the site will be updated periodically, as required. Although the site layout is managed by the Web Site Committee, significant changes to the layout must be endorsed by the Executive.

5.  Site Content

  • All content on the site must be relevant to the Association and/or matters pertaining to Lake Bernard. The content must also support the objectives of the site, as described in item 3 above.
  • Only Association members can propose content for the site, and decisions on what is posted will be made by the Web Site Committee. The Committee itself may also propose content for the site; however, content considered to be sensitive or “significant” must be approved by the Executive.
  • Content posted to the web site must adhere to the standards set out in Policies and Procedures for Posting to the Lac Bernard Web Site, which is administered by the Web Site Committee. In order to track postings to the web site, a Web Site Content form must accompany all requests for new or revised content.
  • Information subject to copyright must not be posted to the web site.
  • Pornographic information or information sensitive to the rights of individuals must not be posted to the web site.

6.  Managing Site Content

The Web Site Committee is responsible for the overall management of the site: (

7. Translation

In principle, all documents posted to the site must be in both French and English. The Association will be responsible for translating all official Association documents, such as minutes of meetings, event notices, etc.

The Web Site Committee is responsible for arranging for the translation of content posted on the web site.

Content posted to the Forum will be posted in the language in which it was prepared.

8. Security

The web site will be hosted on servers managed by The web site will be protected from viruses through the technical facilities and firewalls supported by Regular back-ups will be performed on the site to ensure that the site can be recovered in the event of an emergency.

While most of the website will be open to anyone, certain sections of the site will be open to members only based on a user ID and password, as provided by the Webmaster.

9. Roles and Responsibilities

9.1     Webmaster

  • Maintains the site. Manages the process for editing (technical only) and posting content to the web site, and removing content from the site. Updates the design of the site in accordance with changes proposed by the Web Committee or the Association Executive.
  • Responds to enquiries concerning the posting of content, design and administration of the site.
  • Responds to enquiries regarding problems with specific web pages on the site, links, posting of content, etc.
  • Monitors user activity and overall integrity of the site, and makes recommendations to the Executive via the Web Site Committee.

9.2     Web Site Committee

  • Accountable for the currency, completeness and integrity of this Charter in order to enable the Association President to exercise his/her overall accountability to the membership.
  • Oversees the design and management of the web site.
  • Establishes policies and procedures for the management of the site.
  • Ensures an independent review of the quality and effectiveness of the site regarding its objectives.

9.3   Association President

  • Accountable for this Charter.
  • Approves Association content to be placed on the web site (though may also delegate this role to the Web Site Committee or to an Executive member).
  • Ensures that matters pertaining to the future evolution of the site are brought before the Executive and the general membership based on recommendations from the Web Site Committee.

9.4   Association Executive

  • Reviews and approves changes to the site design as proposed by the Web Site Committee.
  • Sponsors the ongoing registration of the domain name.

9.5   Service Provider

  • Hosts the site on its servers.
  • Provides technical support, including regular back-up services.

9.6   Association Members

  • Contribute content to the site.
  • Use the site.
  • Offer suggestions on enhancements to the site.

10. Changes to this Charter

This charter will be reviewed annually by the Web Site Committee based on a review of the results of its monitoring activities, the web content development plan, the recommendations of Executive committee members, suggestions made by Association members, and other sources.

A report on the status of the web site and recommendations for any significant design changes will be prepared by the Web Site Committee on an annual basis and tabled for the review and approval of the Executive (normally at one of its fall meetings).

The status of the web site should become a regular feature of the Spring and Fall annual meetings.

Conditions for Placing Content on the Forum

The following is derived from conditions posted for similar message boards supported in other sites:

NOTE: If these guidelines are not followed, posts will be deleted by the Message Board”s moderators.

  1. Please post information only once. Multiple posts copied over and over are annoying to folks reading the board.
  2. If you have web sites or lots of information to share, posting URL”s is allowed. When registering, you will also have a place to post your URL in your personal profile.
  3. Email addresses in posts are allowed. Or, if you would like someone to email you, you can refer them to your personal profile.
  4. Copying and pasting copyrighted material in a post is not allowed. To share copyrighted material, put the URL in your personal profile or ask people to email you to obtain the information.
  5. Posting telephone numbers is permitted.
  6. You may not email people at random to solicit.
  7. A policy on the use of the web site to post advertisements is under development. Until this policy is in place, only advertisements for community events will be permitted on the site.
  8. Discrimination or prejudice based upon race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability is in violation of the board guidelines and will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post prejudicial statements, comments or remarks in posts on the boards. These will be removed immediately.
  • Do not post prejudicial URL”s in your user profile. The registered profile will be removed immediately.
  1. Harassment, personal attacks and profanity are not allowed anywhere on the Lac Bernard Message Boards. All are cause for the member to be removed or banned from the Message Board. The Board is G rated.
  2. Pornographic material and/or references to such material is not allowed in posts or user profiles. Any post and user profiles containing such will be removed. The registered user will be removed immediately.
  3. Any banning of a visitor by any moderator is binding and the decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into nor will the Lac Bernard Association or Web Committee be obliged to explain such banning.
  4. Any person can be banned by any moderator at the Lac Bernard Message Board for:
  • messaging comments that are not constructive to the overall purpose and mission of the Lac Bernard web site, or
  • messages that create a distraction to the above purpose and mission
  1. Posts that cause a distraction to the purpose and mission of the Lac Bernard Community will be removed or closed.
  2. Moderators support discussions as long as they do not become solicitations, aggressive or hurtful to others. If this happens, the thread or post will be closed by the moderators immediately without further discussion.

Our Message Boards are an open format and all posts will appear. However, if a post disregards these guidelines, it will be deleted immediately.

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