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Most of the security issues faced by residents at lake Bernard are similar to those everywhere, but because of the location of our lake in a natural environment removed from an urban center, and the fact that most of the properties are occupied only for a small portion of the time, certain security threats are elevated. This is why Neighbourhood Watch is so important and why we must take extra care in protecting our valuables. Thieves find unattended properties attractive, especially in less active times of the year such as the Spring, Fall and Winter.

A further deterrent to theft (not to mention a way of protecting our environment) is to keep our lake private -  there are no public boat access points on the lake.

Finally, our security extends to the wildlife that live around and among us. While most creatures are fairly benign, there are special precautions we need to take with respect to bears.

These and other related topics are covered in detail in this section of the web site.

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