Water Quality Results – 2008

1. La Pêche Water Quality Sampling

La Pêche took samples for total phosphorus and e-coli at 15 locations in May, August and October.  The following map shows the locations of the sampling.  Results of the three sets of samples are listed below.

2. Lake Association Water Sampling for Fecal Bacteria; July 27, 2008

The purpose of this round of testing was to measure the levels of bacteria in the lake.  Approximately 360 samples were taken, most directly in front of each cottage or residence, and a few were taken 100 meters from shore. The study was not designed to identify specific sources of bacteria.  The intention was to determine if there were any areas of concern.  The results indicated that the lake was in relatively good condition, although a number of “hot spots” with higher levels of bacteria were found.  Consequently, resampling of the hot spots was conducted on August 4.  Of the four resampled areas, three continued to show elevated levels of bacteria.  In the interests of cottagers’ and residents’ health and safety, property owners in the areas with higher bacteria levels were alerted by the Association.   

High levels of bacteria are indicators of poor water quality.  As fecal coliform bacteria can only survive 24-48 hours in the environment, their presence often signal older or poorly performing septic systems in the area or fecal matter from wildlife.  Although we may be concerned about high levels of bacteria in the water coming out of these faulty systems, we should be equally concerned that such systems may also be releasing high amounts of phosphorous into the lake and contributing to the growth of blue-green algae. 

All sampling results have been entered on maps of Lac Bernard, below. Click on the section to download a .pdf document with the results.

Master MapmasterMap.pdf (822 KB)
Northern SectionnorthernDistrict.pdf (555 KB)
Eastern SectioneasternDistrict.pdf (542 KB) 
Southern SectionsouthernDistrict.pdf (902 KB)
Western SectionwesternDistrict.pdf (572 KB)