Water Quality Results – 2011 

The 2011 shoreline ecoli testing results are available on three maps. These maps show the test sites and results for the first one-quarter of the shoreline testing that is being planned by the Association for every year. Next year, the testing will begin in Mitchell Bay and end in Turtle Bay and the following year, a further quarter of the shoreline will be tested until, in year 4, the shoreline in front of the final 100 cottages will be done. If you take the time to compare the 2011 results with the results for the same area in 2008, you will see that there has been an important improvement in the ecoli levels at the lake. Lower levels of ecoli means cleaner water for swimming and for the animals we share the water with. It is probably a good indication that there are fewer nutrients entering the water which means fewer weeds and less chance of blue green algae blooms. In the few places where the levels of ecoli found along the shoreline were in the B (good) or C (acceptable) levels, the municipality of La Peche has indicated it will assist in finding the source of the ecoli levels so that they can be addressed and improvements can be made.

2011-southern district A master.pdf (661 KB) 

2011-southern district B master.pdf (1,079 KB)

2011-western district master.pdf (555 KB) 

2011 Water monitoring May June July Sept.pdf (95 KB) 

2011 Water monitoring final.pdf (95 KB)