Old Maps

Lake Bernard Maps

This section is to share information about the evolution of the maps of the lake. It is interesting to watch the little black squares multiply over time!

The original map of cottages on the lake was hand drawn by H. J. Morin in 1948. The locations were set by E. Plouffe. It was redrawn and revised by G. Montreuil in 1959.

We know there are earlier editions than pictured below and we would like to include those in this section. As well, we would like to include a photo of the old hydrographic map, showing the depths of the lake, hand carved in cork and made into a coffee table. To make this a patient cottager (and retired scientist), Mr. Max Kuhring, spent many hours out in his boat lowering a line and recording the depths all over the lake. Two tables were made; one kept by Mr. Kuhring and one given to the Association President, and passed from President to President over the years. The location of the latter is known.