About the Owners’ and Residents’ Association of Lac Bernard

The Owners’ and Residents’ Association of Lake Bernard is a non-profit corporation created under Part 3 of the Quebec Companies Act. It was incorporated in 1979 as a successor to the Lac Bernard Cottager’s Association which started back in the 1930’s. Today’ we have an average membership of about 250-300 property owners, and even some enthusiastic non-residents who care about our lake! We work across our community and with the municipalities of La Peche and Low, as well as the MRC Des Collines-de-l’Outaouais to further the safe development and environmental protection of our beautiful lake.

Our history is a rich one which you can check out on this site.

One of our highest priorities is to foster community participation in all aspects of Lac Bernard. Our priorities include:

  • Community Building, how to get involved with the Association and fun events around the lake
  • Environmental Stewardship, preserving our lake for today and generations to come
  • Safety and security of our cottage community, helpful do’s and don’ts, safe boating and security

Governance and Board of Directors

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, elected at the annual general meeting (AGM). There are nine (9) Directors, who are each elected for a two-year term. A Director cannot be elected for more than three (3) terms. The Board meets about 10 times a year, primarily through virtual meetings. After each AGM and subsequent Director’s election, the Directors elect four (4) officers of the Corporation: a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The formal AGM (the business meeting of the Association where reports are tabled, elections are held, and Members vote on relevant items) is held in the Spring of each year, while a less formal information meeting is held in the Fall.

Association Bylaws can be found on this link

The Association is governed under the laws of the Province of Quebec through Association By-laws that were last updated in 2021.

Association Meeting Minutes can be found on this link

The Association maintains minutes of both Board of Director meetings as well as the Annual General Meeting and a Fall update to Members. Minutes dating back to 2000 are located here, where as the longer term archives go back to the 1950’s.

Long Term Association Archives can be found on this link
Membership is important but Volunteering is too!

The Association is made up of a team of volunteers who work to preserve the ongoing use and enjoyment of our lake for the generations to come. These are organized through several committees which are each lead by a Director of Member of the Association.

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Regatta
  • History and Archives
  • Lake Navigation

The Association is always in search of new ideas as well as new volunteer to help out. You can make a difference by joining a committee and getting involved in your lake community! Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Along with becoming a member or renewing your membership, this site provides information on our activities, upcoming events and what our main challenges are today and what we are doing about them. It is also a channel for communication. You can use the forum to raise issues, link to our Facebook page and exchange ideas!

The Association and its Board are committed to good governance and transparency. Therefore, we’ve made access to the minutes of our meetings and other content available to everyone. Of course we encourage you to become a member and participate in supporting the mission of our Association.