Community Building is a core mission of Association and the spirit of community is seen and heard everywhere on the water, and binds us together as stewards of our precious natural retreat. Our community is built on a rich legacy of an ongoing stewardship of our lake and its environment, dating back from the original First Nations through to the present day.
On this page you’ll find information regarding the numerous sponsored by the Association or created by local residents. You’ll also find the link to an interesting summary of the history of our lake, from its geological formation through First Nations and onto today’s oral stories. Enjoy!

Annual Regatta

On the Saturday or Sunday of the August long weekend, friends and families gather at Regatta Bay for a fun afternoon of friendly aquatic competitions adapted for all ages. A fantastic BBQ, great prizes of all types await you. Lake Bernard kit is for sale and our mobile book library is there too! Regardless of age, expose your hidden athletic prowess through the various swimming, canoeing, waterboarding or kayaking races. You can also be a spectator or cheerleader to drum up the excitement! The Annual Regatta is our signature summer event, organized by dedicated volunteers and donors. This event is always an annual hit!

Click here to see some great picture of Regatta 2023!

Annual Golf Tournament

For those who have never played, have been sitting on the fence, or like taking a chance, the tournament is a best ball format, which makes it great for golfers of all skill levels. The tournament is put on by local residents and it’s really about having fun with your cottage neighbours. Usually held at Mont Cascades early on in the summer. See you in 2024!

Water Ski Day

The Lac Bernard Watersports Day is organized by local residents and has become an annual event open to participants aged four and up.  Events include various water skiing forms, including basic water skiing (ages 4+) barefoot (ages 10+), slalom events from beginners to advanced levels, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and also Air Chair experiences! Boats are equipped with training booms for beginners. Cost for the half-day group session is $25, with $5 contributing to the Lac Bernard Lake Association and $20 covering boat expenses. All necessary ski equipment is provided, and participants must bring their life jackets and don’t forget the sunscreen, and bottled water. We look forward to this event each summer filled with water sports excitement!

Other activities

The lake association wouldn’t be active without the engagement of its members. We salute all members who organize or support activities that help build a better lake community for us all!

History of Our Lake