Lake Bernard has a rich history starting with first nations of the Anishinaabe and leading to its earlier settlers

We can learn much from what has happened before…

Illuminating the Past …

…for the Present

…for the Future

We’ve organized our Lake’s history into several unique pages that offer an interesting insight into the journey we’ve been on from the very beginning! Enjoy viewing these links!

**Please note that our History section is different from Archives. Business archives are under the Association pages while historical archives are available here: click on this link.

You can Contribute!

1955 – Frank Rowe at his boathouse

The history section aims to share the rich and fascinating history of Lake Bernard, starting with first nations and then onto the earliest settlers that lived around the lake. Among them was the Lake Bernard Fishing Club, as well as the early cottage associations and a few oral histories we’ve collected.

It is hoped that by sharing the historical information we have, we will encourage others to contribute to our collective history. We aim to build and preserve our lake history and pass it along to future generations.

Join us in building a recorded history of the lake that can endure the test of time and be enjoyed and appreciated both now and into the future.

There are various ways you can contribute. 
Written stories, oral histories, interesting documents and photos can be sent to history@lacbernard.ca.